Artists' Charitable Fund

Providing assistance for artists in crisis. Annual August Art Auction

2018 - 23rd Annual Art Auction

Once again, the Artists' Charitable Fund's annual art auction was a huge success, bringing in nearly $40,000. A big thank you to the fifty artists who donated original paintings and sculptures and to the collectors who purchased them.

Thanks to such generosity, the Fund will continue to pay a portion of medical / dental bills for artists in crisis.

Judy Archibald, Fund Coordinator
Email: Fund Coordinator

Some of the art pieces SOLD !

Beach Bum

bronze (edition: 60) - 6" H x 5.5" W x 13.5" L

Donated by Joshua Tobey, nationally recognized sculptor.

Beach Bum - Bronze sculpture

Retail value: $2,400.00

Sand Wash Basin Afternoon

oil - 18" x 24"

Donated by Lani Vlaanderen, nationally recognized painter.

Sand Wash Basin Afternoon

Retail value: $ 2,700.00

Namaqua Hill

18 x 24 Oil

Donated by Russ Tanner, nationally recognized painter.

Namaqua Hill

Retail value: $ 2,600.00